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Educational and historical IVF videos



Over the past 30 years IVF has advanced from the inspired dreams of Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards to a worldwide phenomenon helping thousands of couples have babies every year. The wealth of knowledge that has accumulated in this short amount of time has been incredible.

IVF Podcasts use the latest technology to produce short audio and video presentations in the hope of providing a clearer insight into the fascinating world of IVF. We present interviews from some of the greatest scientists and experts in IVF, authors of the latest research, demonstrations of laboratory procedures, guided lab tours, presentations and online lectures..

    Above Image Credits:

    ICSI - Andy Glew, Essex Fertility Centre, UK
    Apoptosis in Hatching blastocyst - Navid Esfandiari, TCART, Toronto, Canada

    Latest Podcasts

    Professor Lorraine Culley
    "Transnational Reproduction"

    Time [29:52]

    Alan Thornhill and Thorir Hardarson
    "Embryo Assessment"

    Time [9:27]
    Professor Robert Edwards
    "From embryo stem cells to blastema and MRL mice"

    Time [9:59]
    Professor David K. Gardner
    "Embryo Metabolism & Blastocysts"

    Time [8:06]
    "The blastocyst hatches"
    Time [1:17]
    Professor David K. Gardner
    "Benefits of Blastocyst Biopsy"

    Time [2:19]
    Brian Dale
    "Oocyte Activation"

    Time [08:50]
    Dr. Zsolt Peter Nagy
    "Factors Affecting Embryo Transfer"

    Time [7:34]
    Jaclyn Friedman
    "IVF News Update"

    Time [4:08]
    "Oocyte Spindle Detection"
    Time [1:53]
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