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40 Years of IVF - The Ethics
Baroness Onora O’NEILL of Bengarve

40 Years of IVF - The Ethics
Presented by: Baroness Onora O’NEILL of Bengarve
Date: 4th January 2010
Time: 32:15

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Baroness Onora O’Neill of Bengarve MA, PhD, CBE, PBA, Hon FRS, FmedSci

Onora O’Neill was Principal of Newnham (1992-2006), and teaches in the Faculty of Philosophy in Cambridge. Educated at Oxford and Harvard, she has also held positions at Columbia and Essex Universities, and has been awarded Honorary degrees from several other universities. She is currently President of the British Academy, chairs the Nuffield Foundation and is Professor of Philosophy in Cambridge. She been a member of and chaired the Nuffield Council on Bioethics and the Human Genetics Advisory Commission. She has worked on a number of reports on bio-medical issues, including recently the Kings Fund Inquiry into the Safety of Maternity Services. She was created a Life Peer in 1999, sits as a crossbencher, served on the House of Lords Select Committees on Stem Cell Research, BBC Charter Review and currently Genomic Medicine. She writes on ethics and political philosophy, with particular interests in questions of international justice, in the philosophy of Immanuel Kant and in bioethics. Her books include Faces of Hunger: An Essay on Poverty, Development and Justice (1986), Constructions of Reason: Exploration of Kant’s Practical Philosophy (1989), Towards Justice and Virtue (1996) and Bounds of Justice (2000), Autonomy and Trust in Bioethics (2002) and A Question of Trust (the 2002 Reith Lectures) and Rethinking Informed Consent in Bioethics (jointly with Neil Manson, 2007). She currently works on practical judgement and normativity, on questions of trust and accountability in public life; and on the ethics of communication (including media ethics), while continuing to work on Kant’s philosophy.

Baroness Ruth Deech
"Choosing Your Baby"

Time [44:30]
"The blastocyst hatches"
Time [1:17]
Dr. Santiago Brugo Olmedo
"Aging in Men"

Time [1:19]
Jacques Cohen
"Embryo Selection"

Time [8:57]
Emily Jackson
"40 Years of IVF - The Law"

Time [29:36]
Zsolt Peter Nagy
"Embryo Biopsy Techniques"

Time [8:48]
Dr. Zsolt Peter Nagy
"Factors Affecting Embryo Transfer"

Time [7:34]
Professor Elisabet Stener-Victorin
"Acupuncture and IVF"

Time [11:51]
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