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40 Years of IVF - The Paper
Martin Johnson

40 Years of IVF - The Paper
Presented by: Martin Johnson
Date: 16th January 2010
Time: 26:19

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Professor Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson is Professor of Reproductive Sciences, University of Cambridge and President of Christ’s College. Educated at Christ’s and the Department of Physiology, Cambridge, he and Richard Gardner were Bob Edwards’ first graduate students. He held an MRC Junior Research Fellowship (1969-74) during which time he also was awarded a Harkness Fellowship held at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Colorado. He joined the Anatomy Department in Cambridge as lecturer (1974–84), Reader (1984–92) and Head of Department (1995–99), and has held honorary positions in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, UMDS (1991–95), Zoology and Law at La Trobe University (Melbourne, 1993, 2006), Physiology at Sydney University and St Paul’s College (1999– 2004), and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (1984-89). He was chair of the British Society for Developmental Biology (1984–89), member of the HFEA (1994–99), the BMA Board of Medical Education (2002), specialist scientific advisor to the Joint Lords and Commons Committee scrutinizing the Draft Human Embryos and Tissue Bill (2007), and founding scientific member of the Cambridge Socio-legal group (2001-2008). Awards include the Albert Brachet Prize, Belgian Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts (1989) and the King’s Fund Prize for Innovation in Medical Education (1993). Publications include Essential Reproduction (6th edn 2007; winner of the BMA Obstetrics and Gynaecology prize, 2008), Sexuality Repositioned (jointly, 2004) and Death Rites and Rights (jointly, 2007) plus papers on reproductive science, ethics, law and medical education. He is currently studying the history of mammalian developmental biology in the UK since 1945.


"24sure from BlueGnome - analysis of all 24 chromosomes within a cycle of IVF "
Time [3:43]
Professor Robert Edwards
"From embryo stem cells to blastema and MRL mice"

Time [9:59]
Martin Johnson
"40 Years of IVF - The Paper"

Time [26:19]
"From the morula to the blastocyst stage"
Time [1:59]
Brian Dale
"Intracellular pH and the human oocyte"

Time [01:37]
Lindsay Nohr Beck
"Oocyte Cryopreservation - The Patients Perspective"

Time [9:53]
"The blastocyst hatches"
Time [1:17]
Professor David K. Gardner
"Benefits of Blastocyst Biopsy"

Time [2:19]
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